Pathways Release: May 5, 2023

Friday, October 27, 2023

Pathways Release: May 5, 2023 - Here Are The Enhancements With This Release:


  • As an added layer of security, we have enabled a One Time Passcode (OTP) which will be sent to your designated email when you log in.  
  • The custom forms function has also improved. Any submitted forms are now saved as a PDF in the Data Room, and submitting a form automatically sets that activity to complete, saving you extra clicks.
  • At the transaction level, you can now link related transactions so that you create an ability to view the transaction history for a particular customer or partner.
  • When you choose a bookmarked transaction as a template for a new transaction you can now set the first due date and have the remaining due dates for all activities in the transaction auto-populated.


If you have any questions, please drop a note to