Pathways Release: April 12, 2023

Friday, October 27, 2023

Pathways Release: April 12, 2023 - Here Are The Enhancements With This Release:


  • As a transaction manager, you can now delete an activity that's assigned to a transaction. This can happen if the status of the activity is "To Do" and the activity is either not assigned (i.e. it is part of a transaction that has just been cloned) or assigned to the creator or admin role that is logged in.
  • When a document is downloaded from the data room, the version number of the document is now appended to the file name of the download. This will help you make sure you know you have the right version of a file
  • The ‘Communication Preference’ setting for new users to the platform now defaults to email rather than SMS. If SMS is your preference then you can still update the setting on your profile page.
  • When you click on a supporting document in an activity, rather than displaying it in the activity, the document in the data room is opened directly.