Pathways Release: February 22, 2023

Friday, October 27, 2023

Pathways Release: February 22, 2023 - Here Are The Enhancements With This Release:


  1. When you enter a comment notifying another user, setting the comment as requiring follow up, the system now sends a notification to the preferred communications method of the user you are notifying (previously only an in-app notification was sent).  This will provide users the ability to notify other platform users of documents ready for review or activities that require an individual's timely action.

  2. When a user sends a document to Docusign for the e-signature process, an audit record is now written and an In-App notification is sent to those required to e-sign.  

  3. When a file is added to the data room the user is now prompted to select who it should be made visible to.  With the principle of least access in place for, this will reduce the chances of someone forgetting to provide access to the intended audience for a document.

  4. You can now create a calendar entry as part of an activity to be sent out to block a time in the team or customer calendar.  This can be used as a reminder or to assist in managing obligations.  

  5. Users who have been invited to register but haven't done so after 3 days will be sent a reminder.

  6. The field "ABN/ACN" appearing during registration has been changed to a more country agnostic label "Company Number".

Security & Performance:

  1. OTP has been added to the sign in process to improve platform security for our users and their customers.

  2. Network screen has been enhanced to reduce chance of time-out's occurring.

  3. Further updates have been made to improve the tablet experience for users who prefer to use devices like iPads.